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Goals and Motivation Coaching

$55 per hour, plan of 3 $150, plan of 6, $300, plan of 12 $600 

For In-person bookings click "Book Online" under the services tab in the menu. 

Goals and Motivation Coaching

Do you have some goals you wish to achieve? Don’t know where to start? Do you start, then stop? Are you having trouble with motivation? Do you wish you could do better for yourself? Do you want to meet those goals?

I can Help.

I work with you on an individualized goal list and action plan on how to achieve those goals. I help you identify roadblocks and help you move past them. In our sessions, we will explore in depth what motivates you and how you as an individual are best motivated. I look at the whole person. I understand the complexity behind goals and motivation and why it is not as easy to write down a goal and know you will achieve it. There is a history behind why you dream your dreams and want to reach your goals. It is important to understand what happened to you to now want what you want which is not an easy task to decipher. I dig deep with you to help you understand why you want what you want to achieve or have and why you do not currently have it. This can be a scary process to go it alone. I guide you safely through the cobwebs of your thoughts helping you understand your goals in a gentle and loving way, keeping you safe every step of the way. 


The next big thing to understand is what motivates you and what stops your progress. The problem here is it is genuinely hard to objectively be honest with yourself about your faults and strengths as a person. We tend to be outrageously brutal with ourselves blowing out of proportion our faults and not acknowledging that we have strengths at all.  This wide spread self-loathing bad habit is harmful and very counterproductive when it comes to goal setting and motivation. I tenderly open up a dialog around your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to motivation. We work as a team to discover what works and what does not work for you. The plan is to set you up for long-term success and give you the ability to achieve any and every goal you set now and in the future.


The last thing is we work together to make and deliver an action plan. We will be making the steps easy, realistic, and attainable. I will model how to respond if you attain or miss steps. I will show you how to hold yourself accountable in gentle, healthy and constructive ways. For as long as you work with me I will coach you every step of the way to achieving your short term and long term goals. I will give you the tools to build your dreams from the ground up and to keep achieving those dreams in the future.

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