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Evolution of Loving Yourself

At first, it is very difficult. It is raw and even scary to open your heart up to yourself. You do not what it means to love yourself and when you take those first steps on that path to self-love you often do not know where to start. It is a rough tumble of the heart to learn to love the person you have so disregarded. All your life you made the person in the mirror your enemy and treated them as with disrespect. How dare you think to honour them? How dare you think not to honour them?

That person in the mirror has been with you through all your highs and lows. They are perfect in their every imperfection and they are beautiful inside and out. There are layers to loving yourself. It is like you are a carving out clay, the more clay you carve away the more beauty and form you begin to show. As you shed these pieces you no long need away you take form. Maybe you'll be a dancer, a phoenix, or a wolf. As you learn to love yourself you open your eyes to see yourself. By loving yourself you discover who you are and who you are not.

This seeing of self is revolutionary to your world. The more love you learn to give yourself the more you learn about yourself. Soon you see the clay that is you will be molding and sculpting, carving and shaping until your true self begins to be revealed. Loving yourself is not an easy thing so start small. Do some positive affirmations. Give yourself compliments. Celebrate your successes big and small. Smile at your reflection. Tell yourself you are doing good. Be kind, patient, and compassionate with yourself. Start rewriting the negativity with positivity. Do good things for yourself eat healthy food, exercise, see friends, get sunshine, meditate, and do self-care rituals. Do things that make you feel happy and healthy. Practice loving, honouring, and taking care of yourself. Take small steps to come away from self-loathing and create space for self-loving inside your heart. You are worthy of your own love and remember it is a process it does not happen overnight. Loving yourself is a skill that takes time and practice to learn. You get better at Loving yourself over time but it is not a race and there is no perfection in self-love.

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