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So today you are overwhelmed with stress

Maybe you wake up in the morning and you are so overwhelmed with stress you curl up in a ball under blankets just wanting the world to go away. You do not know why you are so stressed. You think to yourself " But, I am doing all the right things?! Why is this happening" You are a little bit of a frustrated sad pile of goo over your stressed-out state over not wanting to move or do anything. You understand your body is telling you to rest but you have things to do and your response is somewhere between "ahhhhhh!" and "waaaa!" This state is totally unbefitting of you and you want what you are feeling to go away but also so just want to mope. My dearest, you are not alone. This happens to the best of us. We live in an incredibly stressful, overwhelming, and overstimulating world. Sometimes everything gets to be too much and we just want to hide away. There is no shame in that. However, we still need to move through it in a positive constructive way so we do not sit in it too long. For it we sit in it, we indulge in it, and wallow in the crappy feelings, if we feed it, those crappy feelings we do not want to feel grow and morph into monsters out of our control. How do we get up, out of our stress ball of goo and blanket fort hide away? Always have a very positive, compassionate, patient, loving, and kind inner discussion going with yourself. Acknowledge "I am not okay right now and it is okay not to be okay. I am not going to judge myself harshly for needing the rest obviously I need it. Everything happens for a reason. I can work through this." Then you start breathing. Take deep breaths from your belly. Focus on filling your whole body with nourishing deep breaths. While you are breathing think about one next step in self-care you will do when you can move. You keep breathing deeper and deeper. Then you move something, a finger, a leg, or an arm. Then you move a bit more. Before you know it you are off that bed or couch or floor. You are no longer a stressed-out ball but up and walking. Go do that self-care thing and then move on with your day. Look at you! I'm proud of you! You worked through some tough stuff and you are doing great!

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