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What is Crowefire All About?

The idea behind the name Crowefire is that it is to stand for hope, light, community, togetherness, and connection. The hope is the word becomes a concept that spreads like wildfire. The name comes from its creator Cat Rowe’s experiences. In my undergraduate and graduate studies the universities identified me as  “Crowe”. When I see crow written with an e I think old English for raven. When I was living in British Columbia I joined an aboriginal drumming group whose name meant fireweed like the beautiful purple medicinal flower that spreads like wildfire. Although I was not aboriginal I was welcomed into this loving community and performed with the drumming group all over BC for the next several months. That is the essence of Crowefire drumming to one heartbeat building a love-based community. 

My mission is to help people connect with themselves, with others and with nature, to create opportunities and to spread healing, laughter and joy. I desire to warm hearts with my art, help people with my healing and facilitation and build communities that positively transform the lives of the people I reach.

Cat Crowefire

My vision is to create communities where everyone feels accepted, welcomed and that they can positively contribute to the whole. My aim is to break down barriers that cause separatism and individualistic society and to build something in its place so that everyone takes care of one another. I see a world where humanity comes together as one family sharing resources, teaching traditions, living harmoniously and being joyous in their day to day lives. I see the possibility of a planet and all that dwell on it  being healthy and thriving with humans properly taking care of the earth and each other. I plan to bridge gaps with my community hubs, help the existing systems of society while simultaneously creating  alternative systems with my projects. 



My mission is to create positive long lasting changes in society. I do not only plan to create changes but inspire changes in others too. I hope that what I am doing touches lives and the people I reach are inspired and motivated to make changes in their own lives and in their own companies. Then we as a community make waves of change. I want to both help people directly and help people indirectly by inspiring and uplifting others. I believe every person has great potential waiting to be unlocked in them and if I am able to help in some way facilitate opening someone to their own greatness that would make me so genuinely happy for that person I have been able to help them in some way. My mission is to bring community and opportunity to as many people as I can and to help people to the best of my ability.

So Cat, what is your love-based society plan? I have 8 digital and physical networking, resource sharing people helping hubs that I am building, and 19 large community projects. I absolutely need help, funding, advice, volunteers, employees, researchers, partners and everything to start and maintain these enterprises. I am enjoying the journey of building these communities every step of the way. I got some ideas of where to start and I am running with them. I have created many discussion topics around each project on the community page to get the ball rolling. If you would like to get involved further, partner, or invest please feel free to contact me.

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