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Project Collaboration

Project Collaboration $80 for a 1-hour session includes up to 3 hours of pre-work during a week, a plan of 3 is $222, a plan of 6 for $444, a plan of 12 is $888. For In-person bookings click "Book Online" under the services tab in the menu. 

Project Collaboration

Would you like help with an idea, project, or business?

With project collaboration, you are the leader and I work with you side by side to help get whatever it is off the ground. I would not be an employee, I would be a collaborator or a partner helping you with the project. I would help build whatever you are working on. The session fee includes up to 3 hours of work leading up to the session. During the session, we would talk about what steps are needed, bounce ideas back and forth, make a plan for the week or month, and work together on what the project needs to move forward. Sessions can be one on one or group meetings. 

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