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Soul Discovery

Soul Discovery is $45 for half an hour, a plan of 3 is $120, a plan of 6 is $240, and a plan of 12 is $480

Save money by buying a plan! Plans can be booked on the book online page under the services tab in the top menu.

Soul Discovery

Are you have experiences out of this world? Do you have trouble talking about it? Do you want to explore things like astral projection, lucid dreaming, and guiding with spirit guides? Do you have a loved one on the other side you would like to connect with? Are you curious about your soul origins? Do you want to learn about yourself? Do you want to explore yourself more? Have you been seeing signs, numbers, and synchronicities and you are wondering what they mean? 


These are intuitively guided sessions where I talk, teach, guide, and run meditations to help you connect with the information or beings that you wish to connect with. This is a very wholesome and beautiful practice that I do where  I am connecting deeply with you, listening to my guides and I am listening to your guides, sharing knowledge as well as visualizations. 

  • 30 min

    45 Canadian dollars
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