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Energy Healing

Energy Healing is $55 per hour, a plan of 3 is $150, a plan of 6 is $300, and a plan of 12 is $600

For In-person bookings click "Book Online" under the services tab in the menu. 

Energy Healing

Do you have pain in your body? Are you sore? Are you stressed? Are you sad? Are you feeling angry? Are you feeling off? 

Energy healing might be right for you.

I use a variety of energy-healing modalities to help others feel better. I move energy on many levels. I can use light codes to program dna and rna. I can structure sacred geometry to release tension in energy fields. I can realign chakra and energy centres. I can work with the crystalline grid to clear your physical location of imbalances. I work with many types of spiritual guides and light beings to help bring healing energies into the sessions. These sessions are a mix of talking and meditation. I get a sense of what needs healing and I work with you physically and metaphysically to help you heal what ails you.

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