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Wholesome Healing & Consulting

 $120 per hour,  plan of 3 $330, plan of 6 $660, plan of 12 $1300  

For In-person bookings click "Book Online" under the services tab in the menu. 

Healing and Consulting

I take a 360-degree well-rounded approach to healing and consulting. I explore with you what is happening on the levels of body, mind, spirit, soul, heart space, finances, your physical space, your work life, your home life, what’s happening with your community and so much more. I know that humans are complex individuals that crave to be accepted, heard, and understood. It can be extremely challenging to have our emotional needs met and for that basic desire to be heard to be fulfilled. The rush of the modern day to day makes it exceedingly easy for us to neglect ourselves. We stop leaving space for ourselves to listen to our own needs, to even know what we need and we lose sight of ourselves. When this happens we begin to lose our voice. We stop speaking for ourselves and stop seeking to fulfill our desires. This is where we become lost. We become lost within ourselves, our thoughts, and our actions and forget who we are and how to get back to ourselves. If we are doing something like a business or a project we get blocked and cannot move forward. This sense of being lost can also affect our health. It can mentally drain us, tire us out, cause us to have anxiety, or force us into overwhelmed and panic. Just this feeling of not knowing what to do with ourselves or what we are doing with our lives can wreak havoc on our thoughts. Neglecting ourselves can also cause physical pain and ailments in our body as the more we neglect ourselves and increase the pressure on ourselves to perform then the more stress and strain we are putting on our system which leads to chronic illness and injury.


What I do with healing and consulting is help you navigate yourself to safety. I teach you how to care for yourself while still being able to hold space for your family, employees, and community. I work with you to build long-lasting skills that help you stay healthy and well through all your future endeavors. I help you move the boulders that are blocking your path to success. I will develop action plans with you for your continued growth. Together we will lay the foundations for your prosperity and give you the tools you need to become an ally in your own journey. I provide a safe, accepting, and non-judgmental space for you to share your story. I listen, and I am encouraging and supportive. I will share and give advice from my retable life experience. I will give you activities specific to your journey designed to help grow and meet the milestones that are important to you. I will structure my sessions with you based on your individual needs to ensure you get the most out of each session. My goal is to help the people I see become the best versions of themselves they can be and to give people the proper tools to live the lives they want to live.

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