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Sound Healing

Sound Healing is $ 60 for 45 min, a plan of 3 is $155, a plan of 6 is $320, plan of 12 is $672

Sound Healing 2-way Participation $80, a plan of 3 $222, a plan of 6 $444, a plan of 12 $888

For In-person bookings click "Book Online" under the services tab in the menu. 

Sound Healing

This is a unique experience where I use my voice, body percussion, drums, and other musical instruments infused with light codes and healing energy to assist you in your healing journey.

This type of healing is connected to the creator's source of love energy through sound. It is a transformational and moving experience. During the sound healing session expect to go through a series of powerful releases. The sound healing is intimate, and emotional and will reach you to your core. The sound healing penetrates on a cellular level. I am making sounds infused with love and healing. You hear it but the sound enters through your heart and spreads throughout your body. I am very deliberate with the way I move the energy during the sound healing sessions. I target areas in the body and in your field that need healing. I use sound waves to break apart blocked or stagnant energy that I sense in places in your field. The sound healing that I do is about cleansing, clearing, and resetting the body, mind, and soul. 


Two-part participation  sound healing:

When I am just making the sound I get my cues in the form of echolocation. As the listener is listening they are responding by “showing” me where to go energetically with my sound waves. The listener is sending directions on where to go and what to do with my sound waves and energy. When someone listens, they are guiding me in what they want me to do.


When someone is making noises, music, and singing with me it is a very different experience. I can still do sound energy healing on the person but when they join me in noise/song/music there is a two-way healing and we together are healing with a larger scale reach. I am still focused on healing the person with me but the dynamic is different. As we play off each other making music and noises improving off what the other is doing I am listening to our guides to give me directions. The instructions that come in during two way participation are received more like reading sheet music than echo location. The directions are more complex and crafted so the healing that is given during a two way participation feels very different than when it’s just me making sound for the healing session.

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